About Us

Thank you community for supporting us during our years at Oakland road. We are no longer in the space but the instructors are still teaching locally. Please inquire through our privates page for private or small group classes.

We are Reset Studio.

We are a boutique studio of passionate performers, instructors and engineers exploring movement, yoga, and the mind-body connection. We firmly believe in preparing ourselves through a bounty of different disciplines from the more traditional, such as Yoga and Bellydance, to new ways of considering our relationship to our bodies and ourselves through Inversion Training and circus inspired classes like AcroFit and Cirque Conditioning.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Reset Studio aspires to be the playground of those who want to apply skills used in the office, such as analyzing complex systems, to their fitness regime. We love geeking out on body mechanics, breaking down complex moves and understanding what defines the gap of what we think we are capable of and what we can actually achieve through training our mind and body.

We know how important it is to strive for peak performance in all areas of live, which is why we understand sometimes you need to Reset Yourself in a restorative yoga class to calm the mind, practice mindfulness while working with the breath. Our offering is unique because we understand that diversity fosters Evolution. Cross training in different disciplines strengthens the mind body connection, improving focus, balance and body awareness. Everyone can benefit from a healthy approach to movement.

We offer classes which allow parents to work out with their children along with adult classes designed to inspire at all skill levels.