Prenatal/ Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal / Postnatal yoga applies the core components of yoga to address the challenges of pregnancy and post-partum recovery.  This class focuses on carefully chosen postures to address pregnancy concerns, breathing / meditation to aid in easing labor discomfort, and exercises aimed at post-partum recovery.  Prenatal / Postnatal yoga is for all fitness levels and a core component of the class is building a sense of community in motherhood.

Chen Style Taijiquan

Chen Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi) is the oldest and original style of taijiquan. Developed as an internal martial art system, it incorporates low powerful stances, body coiling movements, explosive releases of power, as well as graceful, slow, and light movements. In this mixed-level class, we work on alignment, intention, and spiral movement through Chen Taiji fundamentals including Silk Reeling Exercises and standing poses. The goal is to cultivate a sense of connection in the body, learn to modulate between relaxation and engagement, and to discover physical and mental stillness in movement.

Yoga Flow

A moderate flow class focusing on linking postures with breath through salutations and movement. Come enjoy this class to warm up and bring more openness to the body while bringing focus on getting deeper into poses through attention to proper alignment. All levels welcome.



Have you ever wanted to develop the strength like a gymnast? Or move with the grace and ease of a Dancer? Then this class is for you! This class has influences from all movement backgrounds. Like Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Yoga, and Dance. The goal of this class is to move your body more efficiently. You will challenge your balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility and strength. Each class includes a thorough joint preparation warm up as well as a thorough cool down. We look forward to teaching you how to build strength and skill while using your body. In the Movement Exploration class we will teach you new ways to move your body

Cirque Conditioning

One of the beauties of acrobatics is the cooperation between two or more people to achieve each skill. In this class there is an emphasis on building and maintaining core strength, balance, proper posture/alignment and flexibility in a safe, structured environment. You do not have to be a gymnast or acrobat. You do not have to be a specific weight, height or body type. In acrobatics, there is a role for a multitude of sizes, shapes and ages. This class is multi-generational and multi-skill level. If you have never taken gymnastics or acrobatics before, you will not be overwhelmed and if your skills are high, you will find challenge. The class starts with a warm-up and stretch, individual skill building exercises, partner skill building exercises, acrobatics, conditioning and a cool down. This class is a unique opportunity to work out as a family or in pairs. Great for moms and dads (with or without the kids), siblings (with or without your parents), friends, couples or any combination!

Introduction to Inversion Training

Have you ever wanted to stand or balance on your hands? There are countless benefits to inversion training. This class will teach you the foundation of how to prep the body, how to safely start training the handstand. Alignment drills, balancing drills, rebalancing drills, and flexibility drills. All levels.


Tribal Bellydance

ATS or American Tribal Style ((tm)) belly dance, which is a group improvised dance form. ATS was invented by Carolena Nerriccio of FatChanceBellyDance. We teach the basics of ATS and leave room for other creative expressions which can come from other, traditional belly dance styles, our own creativity or other sources.

Focusing on getting the technique down, with proper posture this class explores belly dance fundamentals but there is some attention on transitions and leading. This class is open to anyone who is interested in learning or practicing ATS or Tribal Improv.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dancing is a free style fusion form of aerobics. You might be aware of the classical way of dancing that’s tied to the Indian culture. Bollywood dancing is fun and very expressive. You can express the meaning of the music, through the graceful movements of your body. Come feel the heat and be free!